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DIY >> Decorate Your Dishes

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Here’s a fun thing to do if you like to add your own flair to things!

I was bored today, and I love looking at pinterest for great do-it-yourself ideas. I found an article about drawing with ink on a mug…well I had these sharpie oil paint pens, so I used that instead.  This is something that doesn’t take much time, and is pretty fun and easy. Decorate your dishes! Today I did a couple mugs, later I will do the plates too! We have had this dish set since we were married 8 years ago, and I was feeling the need for a change. I had the necessary tools on hand thanks to our photography packaging projects.

So here’s what you need:
Mugs or dishes with a smooth area to draw on
A pencil
Sharpie oil paint pen(s)

First make sure your surface is clean and smooth.


Next draw your design on with pencil. It makes step three much easier and will make you more confident with the paint.


Lastly, draw over the pencil with the sharpie oil paint pen. I used a gold colored one. Make sure you let it dry as you go so you don’t rub it off with your fingers or table. Once you are done, let it dry very well. I let mine dry over night just to be safe.


Once it is all done and dry, it is ready to use and should be safe to hand-wash. I ran them through the dishwasher  and they were fine, but I would recommend hand washing for longevity. Enjoy your “new” dishes! Everything is more fun with sharpies!


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