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The Beginning >> Goals

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Our house is full of crap food still…bad cereal, bad crackers, bad bread, bad everything! We have lots of meat in the freezer, and hardly any veggies or fruit anywhere to be seen. Original plan was to just eat it till it was gone, but not buy any more. I thought that that would help us transition into something that is so different from what we are used to. It probably will help the kids, especially C. But my mindset has changed so much in the past couple weeks that I don’t even want to do that. I want to throw it all out, but we can’t afford to do something so drastic. After one day of eating well, and snacking on raw broccoli instead of anything else, and I feel 1000% better than usual. So I thought I should outline what I am expecting from this change. I know why I am doing this, but will I remember when I really want something I shouldn’t have? I’ve written about the whys. Now here is what I expect from eating only whole foods and cutting out most meat, dairy, and soy.

[one] >> better immediate health

[two] >> better long-term health and virtually take away our risk for…
-heart disease
-type 2 diabetes
-most cancers
-and so on and so forth…because we are at risk, through genetics and/or our old lifestyle, for all of that and probably more.

[three] >> more energy
I am sick of feeling lethargic and tired all the time. Sometimes I don’t get enough sleep, sometimes I get plenty. It doesn’t seem to change how I feel. I know Jon feels the same way.

[four] >> to lose weight, and as a result, take away Jon’s need for cpap
This is a lofty goal. Jon has severe sleep apnea, and possibly narcolepsy. I feel that if we eat totally healthy and lose weight as a result, Jon might be able to get rid of it. At least it will decrease the severity of it.

[five] >> better focus
I had to sit here and think for a minute what I was just thinking about typing. Know what I mean? Mommy-brain can only be blamed for so much…and I’m pretty sure I’ve lived my whole life with ADD. Who’s to say that can’t be fixed?

[six] >> to give our kids the best chance for healthy living as adults
Healthy eating habits last a lifetime.

[seven] >> to support local organic growers and farmers by shopping the farmer’s markets and not support big corporations that run large companies that make and advertise for food that is unhealthy and then market specifically to our weaknesses as Americans

[eight] >> to be able to say we don’t eat fast food. ever.

[nine] >> to have the energy to exercise regularly, and the desire to, and do it, including being able to run a 5k this year

[ten] >> to live a more organic lifestyle
This isn’t just about eating for us. We want to become more self-sufficient. Grow more things this summer, do a lot more DIY projects, spend more time playing with the kids and not watching tv, continue to use cloth diapers, etc. and not do what is easy just because it is easy.

[eleven] >> to learn more and be well-read on what we are doing so we can tell others about it

[twelve]  >> to ditch the microwave…maybe that seems unecessary, but I just don’t want to cook that way and instead, want to either make soups and boil our food, or steam.  While we will still stir fry, bake, roast, and grill, we will try to keep that to 10-20% of the time.

[thirteen]  >> to eat most of our food raw

I’ll check in after a couple months of doing it and see where we are at. This should be interesting. I feel like I’m diving into a different culture and don’t really know what to expect!


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I have a million things on my plate. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to write, to read, to play and write and listen to music, to take pictures and video, to create create create. I've got an amazing husband and I'm a mom of two toddlers...can you say hands full?

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