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The Beginning >> My First Whole Food Diet Grocery List

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I’m planning my first trip to the grocery store to buy only whole food items. I refuse to buy any more processed food. No more white sugar, no more white flour (although we really don’t eat that anyway), no more processed cheese or other dairy products, frozen meals that are so easy to pop in the microwave. In fact, it’s a goal of mine to get rid of the microwave all-together! This is month 1 before/after. I’ll show you what my goals are, and what I end up with.

Here is what is on my shopping list:
XRaw broccoli
XZucchini and/or other squash
XSweet potatoes/yams
XLots of spinach for salads and smoothies
XFrozen organic fruit
Goji Berries (if I can find them!)
XFlax Seeds
Chia Seeds
XWhole grains, like oatmeal and some sort of whole grain flour
Rye bread
Vegi-Delite Zing Salad (cultured vegetables…dying to try it!)
XSunflower seeds
XSunbutter (like peanut butter, but made with sunflower seeds…and yummy!)
XQuinoa (this is a grain that offers complete protein…everything your body needs for breaking it down and is very nutritious)

I’m currently researching what and how to use sea vegetables, because they offers complete nutrition and a higher percentage of it…truly a superfood. Not even sure if I can get any of it at the store. And I’m sure I’m going to have to go to at least a couple different places. Will start at Trader Joes, then to Open Harvest (a local co-op/health food store).


I made it to Trader Joes, got everything with X’s by them. I also got:

Organic carrots
Red Pepper Spread (for sandwiches, lettuce wraps, etc)
Organic frozen peas
Whole mozzarella (I’ve read this is considered a whole food, we use it on pizza and that’s it)
Whole wheat mini pita bread (great for C’s sunbutter and jelly sandwiches, and mini pizzas)
Organic golden potatoes
Organic brown basmati rice (for Indian food…yum!)
Organic roma tomatoes
Organic cherry tomatoes
Quinoa and black bean chips
Falafel (garbanzo bean) chips
Organic yellow mustard (which is egg contaminated and we won’t be taking on the move, sadly)
Organic limes
Dried mango, no added sugar, not sulferized
Apple crushers (C and E were starving, it was a long trip to the store)

I spent $156. I didn’t go to Open Harvest yet, but I found Trader Joes to be good enough for now. I got so much stuff, a lot of it is basic and I won’t need to buy more for awhile. Other stuff, like spinach, I’m finding I need a lot more than I bought. For myself, I am trying to stay away from dairy and wheat, and having a harder time with the wheat than the dairy, which is very surprising. I am going to have to go back again today, but all in all, we did a good job for our first trip. And we’ve done a great job of jumping in! More about that in another post though!


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