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Unseen Consequences of Drastically Changing Your Diet

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Last night I had something strange happen to me. I was putting my son down, sitting in a dark room rocking him, and I felt like I could barely see. I knew it was dark, but it was more than that. Later, I was editing photos, and the same thing happened. It was vague, so I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on.

When Jon came home from work, we sat down to watch an episode of “New Girl” before bed, and by the end of the show, I felt like I could barely see. It was like pins and needles, but with my vision instead of a sensation. That’s the only way I know to describe it.

I did have a headache, only the last 30 minutes of the night. Otherwise, I felt fine. It was just plain and simple, strange.

Now obviously I am stressed. We are completely changing our lifestyle, all while moving to a new house. But I haven’t felt overloaded. I talked to Jon and a nursing friend, and they both said it sounded like a migraine. A migraine? Sure I’ve had a small handful in my lifetime, but it was always blinding pain, sensitivity to light and noise…I didn’t even have a headache when it started. Upon further research, I think they’re right. My body is going through detox. I have been eating sooo well, but that means that I have cut a lot of chemicals and genetically modified food out of my diet. Cold turkey. I’ve felt great, and I have had no desire to go back. But my body feels differently. I guess this is just something I wish I was aware of when I started this new change. I did a lot of research, and never saw that this can happen. Until I looked specifically for it. I wouldn’t have changed my mind, I still believe that doing this is the best thing for my family and me. But at least I wouldn’t have been freaking out at midnight wondering if I was doing something wrong, eating too much or too little of something, and losing my vision. Yes, I am a freak. But that’s why you’ll come to love me. 😀

But seriously….know that this is possible. If you are just looking for information about whole, vegan, raw, or even just organic foods, know your body is dependent on what you are eating now. For me, it is showing me how incredibly bad most food really is. If my body can feel this way, and my brain can hurt and spaz out like that just from eating differently….wow. I can’t get over that. My body was dependent on chemicals. And I didn’t eat that poorly…I mean, I tried to be healthy. I ate a lot of dairy, a good chunk of processed foods…but all whole grains and mostly only lean meat. It just doesn’t matter. It’s all packed with junk. Crap. Horrible stuff.

And I am SO over it.


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