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Recipe >> Easy Mini Pizzas

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This is a super awesome recipe for kids. My two year old helped me make it, and she keeps asking for it. We’ve had it three times in one week! (Partly because we are moving, and it is easy…partly because…yum!)

This is my recipe for easy mini pizzas.

You will need:
Whole grain mini pitas
Olive oil
Fresh tomatoes
Ground flax seed
Fresh, whole (I used part-skim) mozzarella

Put a little olive oil all over the top of the pitas. Finely chop spinach and basil (I do this for the kids’ sake…they won’t eat it if they see it) and sprinkle it on the olive oil covered pita. Also sprinkle some ground flax seed for added nutrition.


Thinly slice some mozzarella, or cheese alternative if you prefer, and put that on top of of the green stuff. Put under a broiler until the cheese melts, remove. Top with fresh tomatoes, cut into four little pieces, and serve!


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