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Running IS awesome.

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Recipe >> Vegan Banana Waffles

Looking for a good, healthy vegan waffle recipe?  Look no further.  These waffles are so great!!!

forgetti spaghetti vegan waffle recipe

Just a sidenote:  I only use whole wheat flour.  I won’t use white flour for anything, so these are super awesome whole wheat waffles.  If you want to use white, you can, or you can half and half it.

So here’s what you’ll need:

Dry Ingredients:
3 cups whole wheat flour
1/3 cup brown sugar
a dash or two of salt
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp ground flax seed

Wet Ingredients:
2 2/3 cup coconut or soy milk (this time we used coconut creamer for E’s because we didn’t have coconut milk, and cut out the vanilla in his…and we usually use soy milk for our own)
1 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp oil (canola or grape seed work well)
1 small banana (to get right size, slice lengthwise, turn and slice again creating four long pieces.  then slice thinly along so you have thin quartered pieces for your waffle mix)

To Make:

Plug in waffle iron and let it heat up.  Combine all dry ingredients, and mix together with a whisk.   Add wet ingredients, and stir somewhat slowly, don’t let it bubble up too much.  Don’t add too much air.  Add banana last. (Of course, you can add whatever fruit you want, or none at all…we used blueberries for E’s)

For E’s waffles, we couldn’t use soy milk, and we didn’t have any other milk on hand for him.  So I used coconut milk coffee creamer, and added a little water to thin it a bit.  We cut the recipe down to 1/4 the size of all ingredients, and it made the perfect size waffle for him.  We added blueberries for his and didn’t add extra vanilla, since the creamer was vanilla flavored.  We gave him half, and froze the other half.

Pour waffle mix onto waffle iron when it’s nice and hot, it will be kind of thick but that’s ok.  As long as it will pour and stir and looks nice and wet.  Don’t try to fill the entire waffle iron, just put a big glob in the middle, then close the lid and press it all the way down.  In about 5-7 minutes, depending on the iron I guess, you will have a perfect waffle.  And they are delicious and healthy!  Of course, I used syrup on mine (I know I know…sugar addiction central).  I should’ve used the jam I just bought or fresh fruit.  Strawberries would be amazing on top!  Paired with a cup of coffee (I’m trying out Trader Joe’s coffee for the first time…not too bad, especially for $4.99!) it was the perfect Sunday breakfast for my family and I.

Jon and I watched the church service today from the computer while eating and the kids played in the other room.  It was kind of wonderful.  And check out this band that played at church today >> A Treehouse Wait >> soooooo good!  I stalked their website and listened to the songs on there afterwards.  I want their EP…definitely worth checking out if you like folksy, laid back music.  Beautiful voice.  Anyway, I digress…..


Hope you enjoy these!  Let me know if you try it!

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DIY >> Make Your Own Workout Shirt

I found this on Pinterest recently:

It’s from Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth (which is a pretty cool website) and I just had to try it.  I’ve been trying to figure out what on EARTH to wear while running.  I can’t wear those cool running tanks or shirts that are all “dry-fit-wick-away-your-sweat-and-such-pretty-colors” because they very much accentuate the flab.  It’s just not comfortable.  Not there yet.  But big old baggy t-shirts are annoying.  As are the farmer’s tan I’m getting on my arms.  So I was super stoked to come across this!  Since Jon and I have both been losing weight, we have a lot of t-shirts we can destroy in attempts to make something better of them.  YAY!

The website said to use a large shirt, so I used one of Jon’s too-big t-shirts.  It’s still too big.  My first attempt at this turned out usable and ok…but I’m not gonna post pics.  Maybe next time.  You can check out the above pic and the website if you want more info on the how-to.  Let’s just say it’s a great idea, and I wouldn’t use a perfectly fitting shirt, definitely go a little bigger….but don’t go too big.  I look redonkulous in it.  And yet I still wear it.  Bahaha!  Because I don’t care that much!  Comfort is key when running for me.  So I will attempt this again if my kids ever nap at the same time again and maybe if it turns out better, I’ll take some pics too.   In the meantime, it’s a great way to use a t-shirt that you don’t use anyway!

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I am so sick of everyone, including seemingly every doctor ever, telling me that E will grow out of his MSPI.  And GERD.  The kid is almost a year and a half old.  At 3 months, when he was not growing and in and out of the hospital…getting a feeding tube, etc….it was all, “he’ll grow out of it by 4-6 months.  When his trunk gets stronger.”  At 4 months-“When he’s 6 months.  When he can sit up.”  At 6 months-“When he’s 8-9 months.  When he’s crawling and standing.  His body just needs to mature.”  At 9 months-“Should grow out of it by 12 months.”  At 12 months-“Anytime now.”  Sometimes I just want to fly off the handle.  There are A LOT of kids out there that don’t grow out of it.  That have food intolerances for years and years.  That have to take prevacid and other meds, and some even have feeding tubes for years because they can’t even handle eating.  How do our doctors not even get this?  Finally, recently, we went with a different GI doctor.  It has made a world of difference.  I have struggled with our pediatrician for a long time.  She is so nice, so wonderful in person, that I just can’t stand the thought of going somewhere else and then having some jerk-face doctor that doesn’t get anything.  But now, with our lifestyle changes…well I just don’t know what to do about all that.

So I am reaching out to all those moms out there who have kids with MSPI.  This is not some cut and dry thing.  A lot of babies don’t even get diagnosed.  Some doctors don’t even believe in it.  But when you are a nursing mother who cuts out all dairy and soy and notices a HUGE difference in their precious, tiny, helpless baby, well it’s pretty obvious who knows what is going on and who is a complete unfeeling idiot.

My son has some other kind of intolerance on top of the dairy, soy, and beef.  I think it might be wheat.  I couldn’t figure it out while nursing, and my son was on his way down a dark road of illness, massive puking, and pain, and so I stopped nursing him and put him on formula.  Unfortunately, it took a few formulas to figure out he needed totally broken down, behind the pharmacy counter stuff.  And still does.  I think wheat still bothers him.  I’m not sure if he feels it inside, but now that he is eating it again, he has constant eczema on his face and arms.  But despite it all, he is the happiest kid.  So laid back, it takes a lot to bother him.

Don’t give up hope.  E’s problems have led our family to a healthy lifestyle.  Without all the hardship, we wouldn’t have gotten here.  Sometimes, it’s hard to see the rainbow through the torrential downpour and massive tornado that is taking out your house….but after the storm, everything can be new, clean, a fresh start.

MSPI and Reflux can last well beyond a year of age.  Trust your instincts, they won’t lead you wrong.  Mother’s know what is best for their children.  They see what goes on with them, and know them better than anyone else.  I hope that if there is anyone out there that is struggling, that you see this and know that life goes on, that although the sleepless nights still come and go, life goes on, and life is beautiful.  Your child is beautiful.  So don’t give up!  Embrace your hardships, and trust.  “This too shall pass.”

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My Little Lion Man

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Some Encouraging Stuff

When I first started this journey, I think it was right around January 20…Jon’s bday.  While my whole family has definitely benefitted from it, I am the one who has really bought into it all.  The food, the exercise, the state of mind it takes.  Finally, this time, it took with me.  I’m not sure what the difference was.  Maybe it was because of my son…for that I am actually grateful for his food intolerances.  So I thought I’d document where I was and where I am at now, for posterity’s sake…HA!  How about just so I don’t forget, hmm?

When I was in high school and the first couple years after, I weighed from 167-177lbs.  It fluctuated a lot.  When I lived in Omaha for a year, the same time I met Jon, I was the lightest I had been and have been since…in my adult life.  (Hopefully that will change soon though!)

At the end of January, I weighed 203lbs.  It was almost a year after having E, and I weighed a little more than I did when I had him.  That was not ok.  Also the fact that I had gone over 200 and had been sitting there for awhile…not ok with me.
I wore a size 14 in pants, with a nice muffin top spilling out, and a seriously jiggly lardo post baby tummy that had not gotten any smaller or tighter since my two pregnancies.
I had big old jumbo boobs.  I know…nice way of putting it.  Some would say they were nice…but they actually just felt ginormous to me.  40D or 40DD, depending on the brand.  Those mixed with my flabby, wide arms and natural broad shoulders made me feel like a linebacker pretty much all the time.
I was starting to get rolls where I had never had them before.

After changing our diet, I lost 20lbs in about two months.  I was able to get a couple of size 10 jeans…totally amazing!  Then I just sat there for awhile.  I think I even gained a little back as I had a little love affair with Casey’s cheese pizza pretty much all throughout April and part of May.  I felt like it was a reward, that if I ate super healthy, I could indulge every now and then.  While I still feel that it is ok to indulge, it is NOT ok to give myself food rewards!

I started to run on May 12.  I was very motivated by one of my best friends, who was starting to ride her awesome new bike all the time.  Well I don’t have a bike, and while I would LOVE one, I’m not ready to unload a massive amount of cash for one, and I don’t want a crapper.  So what could I do?  I needed to do something.  So I downloaded the free C25K app on my iPhone and started running.  Since then, I have lost 10 more pounds.  For a total of 30lbs.  Now my size 10’s are getting big, and I had to make a new whole in my belt to hold them up.  I’m making myself wait until this fall to get new pants because it’s so freaking hot I probably won’t wear them much anyway.  (side note: I HATE Nebraska summers!)  I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve stalled out a bit.  This didn’t start out as a way to lose weight, really.  I just needed time to myself, I just wanted to eat healthy.  But now, I am finding new motivation to get smaller.  My entire life, I believed the lie that I could never be thin or fit.  Now, I am finding the reality of healthy living, and looking, to be a life changing thing.  And as you fix one area of your life, everything else starts to fall into place too.  Not that it doesn’t take work, but you want to do that work.  So that’s where I am.  And where I’ve been.  It’s pretty encouraging, to me anyway.

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Recipe >> The Best Pasta Ever

This recipe requires a specific ingredient from Trader Joes, although you could probably make it yourself.  Here are the ingredients for 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 toddlers:

Best Pasta Ever

olive oil
1 tomato
fresh oregano (or dried, but fresh is awesome)
1/4 red onion
1/2 orange (or yellow or red) bell pepper
2 generous handfuls of spinach
Trader Joes roasted red pepper eggplant and garlic spread
Some sort of whole wheat pasta

Sauté the onion and bell pepper in the olive oil.  When that is just starting to get cooked well, slightly caramelized, add tomato, spinach, and oregano.  Cook the spinach down, about 5 minutes,  maybe less, and then add half a jar of the Trader Joe’s sauce.  Serve over cooked whole wheat pasta.  Have a food-gasm.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of the finished awesomeness…I’ll get one up here one of these days…

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I Am Free To Run

This is just a post to update you on my journey to being healthy.  I post regularly on my personal blog about running and everything else I think about and do, but I thought a general “what’s up” post was in order here.

In January, we made the choice to start eating like our son.  To cut out soy and dairy and processed foods.  We have cut out almost all processed foods, except crackers.  We eat back to nature whole grain crackers, so they are pretty good and not full of fillers.  We don’t eat much soy, except when we use soy sauce in cooking.  We’ve done very well there.  The dairy has been a much bigger struggle.   My daughter gets most of her protein from dairy.  She is obsessed with yogurt and cottage cheese.  Which I am ok with.  I wish we could always afford to get organic everything, but we can’t.  That is something that is a major goal of mine over the rest of the year…to make that a higher priority.  I also have been eating greek yogurt after runs.  It makes me feel much better, like I recover faster from my run.

I knew that I needed to do something on top of all this eating well, and that was to exercise.  This is the biggest step I have ever taken in my life.  I have NEVER exercised.  I played sports in high school, so I guess there was some exercising going on there.  I tried swimming while at college, which I did here and there.  But I have never made the choice to regularly do anything that resembles exercise.  I hated it.  But being in the house most of the time with the kids as a stay and work at home mom, I needed some time to myself.  I  needed something that wouldn’t take an entire morning, that was fast and cheap.  Since I don’t have a bike, the only thing I could do was run.  I got some running shoes and just started to do it.  I am now almost finished with week 5 of the Couch to 5K program.  I have already run in a race even!  forgetti spaghetti

A 3k…..I finished in just under 20 minutes.  (btw-I have no idea why I look super-pissed in that picture.  I’m thinking I must’ve been going for stoic…?)  Not the greatest…I was just happy I finished before the 10K runners started to finish!  I think I was in like 250th place or something, haha!  But who cares!  I did that over a week ago, and I was no where close to actually running almost 2 miles in my training.  It’s important for me to have goals and run in races, otherwise I know I’ll get bored.  I’m going to do two 5K’s in August.  I should be able to run an entire 5K by then without walking.  Today will be my first 2 mile run without walking in my training.

What’s the point of all this?  Well, I always hated to run.  HATED it.  With a passion.  I mean…I don’t know if you get it….I couldn’t stand watching people run.  I was jealous beyond belief that they had a desire to do something like that.  That they could.  And that they did it every day, looking so effortless….it wasn’t fair and I hated it.  When I finally decided to do it, it was kind of awful.  I could barely make it 30 seconds of running without feeling like I was seriously going to die.  It wasn’t even my asthma that was holding me back.  It was me.  Not only not wanting to push myself, but a kind of self-sabatage.  Where I just didn’t want to do something for me, that could benefit me.  I do this sometimes in my life….I think a lot of people do.  This is one of the first times in my life that I have pushed through that, ignored the desire to stop, to give up, and it has given me some incredible benefits.  When I start my day with a run, I feel so energetic, happier, and I get to have over a half an hour to myself in the morning.  I listen to music, I take in my surroundings, and I let my mind drift into deep thoughts.  It’s an amazing thing running gives you that I never knew about.  It clears your mind, and your body.  And speaking of body, some awesome things have happened there too!  Since the end of January, I have lost 30 pounds!  My body has regulated itself, I haven’t gotten sick, even when I’ve felt a cold coming on.  I have become a much healthier version of myself, and I am only part of the way there.

Running is just one more example of how I am conquering my world.