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DIY >> Mason Jars for Tea and Coffee

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I LOVE tea.  I love to drink tea and curl up with a book and feel smart.  I like to drink tea when I’m reading something that makes me feel smart, like one of my many history books.  Unfortunately, I buy much more than I actually drink.  With two toddlers, I don’t get much “me” time!  So I’ve got this huge amount of tea.  And when it’s in the box, in the pantry, I don’t see it or think of it much.  So a quick fix?  I’ve had these cool jars for awhile that I had gotten at estate sales and never used for anything.  I cleaned them up and stuffed one with my favorite kinds of tea and filled the other with coffee beans.  Which I use a lot of daily!  They look nice in my kitchen and now I have used the jars and put the tea and coffee front and center.  I will drink more tea, and I won’t have to fish around for my bag of coffee beans, which I don’t want on the counter.  Now I have a nice jar with beautiful, wonderful smelling coffee beans just ready to be ground and used right by my coffee maker.  Yum!  Pretty!  And, even better, quick!

forgetti spaghetti

forgetti spaghetti


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