Forgetti Spaghetti

Leaving it all behind and taking strides toward a healthy life.


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Today I ate a bunch of crap.  It was so delicious!  Ok but see…there were some great small victories in there.  Because I actually ate HALF (maybe even less) of what I normally would have eaten and it made no difference to me.  I didn’t have to fight myself.  I was just done. A small portion of chicken, some cheesy potatoes (OMG I miss those!!!), and some sweet corn.  Now…the kicker?  I made yummy cake.  This is a special recipe I have been making for years…it is SOOOO high in sugar.  I mean, it’s just nonsensical how much sugar is in this thing.  I could barely eat my average sized piece of cake.  And that’s all I ate.  And we didn’t bring home any leftovers.  We left them for my dad to eat all week long…sucker!  And to top it off…we walked to my dad’s (exactly 2 miles) and walked home!  Pushing a double stroller with 50 pounds of kids in it!  THERE is where the BOOYA comes in!  Today I won’t have to run because I already worked my booty off and sweated about fifty gallons worth of nasty out of my system.  Tonight I’m going to start doing this:

Of course, I had to google half of the exercises…..I know nothing.  But hey, that’s as good a reason to start as my jiggly post baby jelly belly.  I’m totally into this exercise thing.  It’s like…I’m having a month-long “….Oh…I get it!” moment.  (And not like that, you pervert!)


Author: Kate

I have a million things on my plate. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to write, to read, to play and write and listen to music, to take pictures and video, to create create create. I've got an amazing husband and I'm a mom of two toddlers...can you say hands full?

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