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Quick Tip >> Portion Control

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forgetti spaghetti

We started using these small plastic bowls awhile ago for our kids.  They’re plastic, which is obviously nice with toddlers, and they aren’t huge like our regular bowls, so their cereal and portions remain nice and small.  I’m pretty sure we got them on clearance at Target a couple of years ago.  I’m also pretty sure they have similar bowls at the dollar store.  For a buck.  Recently, I’ve started using them myself.  For fruit, mostly, but sometimes for yogurt or really anything that I want to keep portion controlled.  A good idea for meals, too.  If you are trying to eat smaller meals throughout the day, like 4-6 times instead of 2 or 3.  Use a small plate or a small bowl for your food and it will help you keep it separate and small.  Eat slowly, savor the flavor of what you are eating…it will really make a difference!


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