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I Am Free To Run

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This is just a post to update you on my journey to being healthy.  I post regularly on my personal blog about running and everything else I think about and do, but I thought a general “what’s up” post was in order here.

In January, we made the choice to start eating like our son.  To cut out soy and dairy and processed foods.  We have cut out almost all processed foods, except crackers.  We eat back to nature whole grain crackers, so they are pretty good and not full of fillers.  We don’t eat much soy, except when we use soy sauce in cooking.  We’ve done very well there.  The dairy has been a much bigger struggle.   My daughter gets most of her protein from dairy.  She is obsessed with yogurt and cottage cheese.  Which I am ok with.  I wish we could always afford to get organic everything, but we can’t.  That is something that is a major goal of mine over the rest of the year…to make that a higher priority.  I also have been eating greek yogurt after runs.  It makes me feel much better, like I recover faster from my run.

I knew that I needed to do something on top of all this eating well, and that was to exercise.  This is the biggest step I have ever taken in my life.  I have NEVER exercised.  I played sports in high school, so I guess there was some exercising going on there.  I tried swimming while at college, which I did here and there.  But I have never made the choice to regularly do anything that resembles exercise.  I hated it.  But being in the house most of the time with the kids as a stay and work at home mom, I needed some time to myself.  I  needed something that wouldn’t take an entire morning, that was fast and cheap.  Since I don’t have a bike, the only thing I could do was run.  I got some running shoes and just started to do it.  I am now almost finished with week 5 of the Couch to 5K program.  I have already run in a race even!  forgetti spaghetti

A 3k…..I finished in just under 20 minutes.  (btw-I have no idea why I look super-pissed in that picture.  I’m thinking I must’ve been going for stoic…?)  Not the greatest…I was just happy I finished before the 10K runners started to finish!  I think I was in like 250th place or something, haha!  But who cares!  I did that over a week ago, and I was no where close to actually running almost 2 miles in my training.  It’s important for me to have goals and run in races, otherwise I know I’ll get bored.  I’m going to do two 5K’s in August.  I should be able to run an entire 5K by then without walking.  Today will be my first 2 mile run without walking in my training.

What’s the point of all this?  Well, I always hated to run.  HATED it.  With a passion.  I mean…I don’t know if you get it….I couldn’t stand watching people run.  I was jealous beyond belief that they had a desire to do something like that.  That they could.  And that they did it every day, looking so effortless….it wasn’t fair and I hated it.  When I finally decided to do it, it was kind of awful.  I could barely make it 30 seconds of running without feeling like I was seriously going to die.  It wasn’t even my asthma that was holding me back.  It was me.  Not only not wanting to push myself, but a kind of self-sabatage.  Where I just didn’t want to do something for me, that could benefit me.  I do this sometimes in my life….I think a lot of people do.  This is one of the first times in my life that I have pushed through that, ignored the desire to stop, to give up, and it has given me some incredible benefits.  When I start my day with a run, I feel so energetic, happier, and I get to have over a half an hour to myself in the morning.  I listen to music, I take in my surroundings, and I let my mind drift into deep thoughts.  It’s an amazing thing running gives you that I never knew about.  It clears your mind, and your body.  And speaking of body, some awesome things have happened there too!  Since the end of January, I have lost 30 pounds!  My body has regulated itself, I haven’t gotten sick, even when I’ve felt a cold coming on.  I have become a much healthier version of myself, and I am only part of the way there.

Running is just one more example of how I am conquering my world.


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I have a million things on my plate. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to write, to read, to play and write and listen to music, to take pictures and video, to create create create. I've got an amazing husband and I'm a mom of two toddlers...can you say hands full?

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