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I am so sick of everyone, including seemingly every doctor ever, telling me that E will grow out of his MSPI.  And GERD.  The kid is almost a year and a half old.  At 3 months, when he was not growing and in and out of the hospital…getting a feeding tube, etc….it was all, “he’ll grow out of it by 4-6 months.  When his trunk gets stronger.”  At 4 months-“When he’s 6 months.  When he can sit up.”  At 6 months-“When he’s 8-9 months.  When he’s crawling and standing.  His body just needs to mature.”  At 9 months-“Should grow out of it by 12 months.”  At 12 months-“Anytime now.”  Sometimes I just want to fly off the handle.  There are A LOT of kids out there that don’t grow out of it.  That have food intolerances for years and years.  That have to take prevacid and other meds, and some even have feeding tubes for years because they can’t even handle eating.  How do our doctors not even get this?  Finally, recently, we went with a different GI doctor.  It has made a world of difference.  I have struggled with our pediatrician for a long time.  She is so nice, so wonderful in person, that I just can’t stand the thought of going somewhere else and then having some jerk-face doctor that doesn’t get anything.  But now, with our lifestyle changes…well I just don’t know what to do about all that.

So I am reaching out to all those moms out there who have kids with MSPI.  This is not some cut and dry thing.  A lot of babies don’t even get diagnosed.  Some doctors don’t even believe in it.  But when you are a nursing mother who cuts out all dairy and soy and notices a HUGE difference in their precious, tiny, helpless baby, well it’s pretty obvious who knows what is going on and who is a complete unfeeling idiot.

My son has some other kind of intolerance on top of the dairy, soy, and beef.  I think it might be wheat.  I couldn’t figure it out while nursing, and my son was on his way down a dark road of illness, massive puking, and pain, and so I stopped nursing him and put him on formula.  Unfortunately, it took a few formulas to figure out he needed totally broken down, behind the pharmacy counter stuff.  And still does.  I think wheat still bothers him.  I’m not sure if he feels it inside, but now that he is eating it again, he has constant eczema on his face and arms.  But despite it all, he is the happiest kid.  So laid back, it takes a lot to bother him.

Don’t give up hope.  E’s problems have led our family to a healthy lifestyle.  Without all the hardship, we wouldn’t have gotten here.  Sometimes, it’s hard to see the rainbow through the torrential downpour and massive tornado that is taking out your house….but after the storm, everything can be new, clean, a fresh start.

MSPI and Reflux can last well beyond a year of age.  Trust your instincts, they won’t lead you wrong.  Mother’s know what is best for their children.  They see what goes on with them, and know them better than anyone else.  I hope that if there is anyone out there that is struggling, that you see this and know that life goes on, that although the sleepless nights still come and go, life goes on, and life is beautiful.  Your child is beautiful.  So don’t give up!  Embrace your hardships, and trust.  “This too shall pass.”

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