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DIY >> Make Your Own Workout Shirt

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I found this on Pinterest recently:

It’s from Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth (which is a pretty cool website) and I just had to try it.  I’ve been trying to figure out what on EARTH to wear while running.  I can’t wear those cool running tanks or shirts that are all “dry-fit-wick-away-your-sweat-and-such-pretty-colors” because they very much accentuate the flab.  It’s just not comfortable.  Not there yet.  But big old baggy t-shirts are annoying.  As are the farmer’s tan I’m getting on my arms.  So I was super stoked to come across this!  Since Jon and I have both been losing weight, we have a lot of t-shirts we can destroy in attempts to make something better of them.  YAY!

The website said to use a large shirt, so I used one of Jon’s too-big t-shirts.  It’s still too big.  My first attempt at this turned out usable and ok…but I’m not gonna post pics.  Maybe next time.  You can check out the above pic and the website if you want more info on the how-to.  Let’s just say it’s a great idea, and I wouldn’t use a perfectly fitting shirt, definitely go a little bigger….but don’t go too big.  I look redonkulous in it.  And yet I still wear it.  Bahaha!  Because I don’t care that much!  Comfort is key when running for me.  So I will attempt this again if my kids ever nap at the same time again and maybe if it turns out better, I’ll take some pics too.   In the meantime, it’s a great way to use a t-shirt that you don’t use anyway!


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