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Leaving it all behind and taking strides toward a healthy life.

Two Months.

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I have had a lot happen in a short amount of time.  A lot of my entries on this blog have been about eating healthy.  Being healthy.  My journey, and that of my family.  About three months ago…actually over six months ago, JD and I started noticing something was wrong with him.  Fast forward a few months of every test known to man, and we still don’t know what it is.  Eating well, whole, and often seems to help.  Sleeping a full 8 hours a night helps.  Heat makes it a lot worse.  But for the most part, it is unpredictable.  He was really starting to get into running and being more active, and this has been a big setback.  

Because of medical bills, we moved to a new city, in with his parents.  This has been a huge struggle.  I mean, who wants to do that?  At almost 30, with two kids….it’s just not where you think you will be when you are 17 and looking ahead at all the possibilities before you.  I still see possibilities.  I see myself doing a lot of things.  But JD is working an hour away, so that’s an extra 10 hours a week driving, and working extra some times.  We have no time.  And all the time in the world.

Through this, we have gotten off track with eating well.  We are starting to figure it out again, but it is hard.  How is it that everything i was learning and thought I knew has left my mind?  I feel like I have to re-learn.  I go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and I just stare at all of the awesome healthy choices before me, then leave empty handed.  So that is where I am, and why I have not been posting.  A little bit ashamed, a little bit annoyed at myself, but mostly kind of broken.


Author: Kate

I have a million things on my plate. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to write, to read, to play and write and listen to music, to take pictures and video, to create create create. I've got an amazing husband and I'm a mom of two toddlers...can you say hands full?

One thought on “Two Months.

  1. You haven’t lost it. It is still there. You just need help getting excited about it again. We can do this! =)

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