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Leaving it all behind and taking strides toward a healthy life.

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I’ve joined forces with my mother, a wellness director, and moved this blog over to  Come join us there!  Follow the blog, leave a comment, and be well!  Thanks for following this blog and I hope you will continue to do so there!



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Love & Priorities.

I love this blog.  Forgetti Spaghetti has been a great outlet for me to talk about the journey that both my family and I have been on this last year.  I feel enlightened compared to last January.  I’ve lost 30 pounds, gained 10 pounds, lost 5 more, and learned so so SO much about nutrition and the way the body responds to food.  I’ve also learned that wellness isn’t just about health and food and exercise.  Complete wellness includes emotional health, which I wholeheartedly believe is tangled and intertwined with spiritual health.  When one area is weak and weighing you down, it tends to affect everything in your life.  In the same way, when seeking God and allowing Him to fulfill you….when opening your heart to Him and, wow,I mean, allowing….do you see how wonderful this God is?  That even though he could make us do whatever He wants, he allows us to allow Him to work in us.  This is so important for our wellness.  God is our source for every single thing, and if we let Him, total wellness can permeate us and leak out onto everyone around us.  A light and power that can’t be contained, and that you won’t want it to be contained.

Even to your old age and gray hairs
I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
I will sustain you and I will rescue you. (Isaiah 46:4)

This has been my journey.  When I started, I wasn’t really forgoing spaghetti or pasta, just starting to switch from white flour to whole wheat.  Now I am completely off grains (which is ironically super cool) and working my way off of sugar, that beast that has a terrible grip on me.  I give in to cravings much too often, and now I am understanding more and more what an addiction sugar truly is and how it can even affect me spiritually.  The point of all this?

I have a personal blog where I talk from the heart, and I rant, and I spout random poetry and tidbits of writing.  Somethings it’s nonsense, and sometimes it is deep and profound.  It’s just me.  Random and awesome and sometimes a bit weird.  I’m realizing now that keeping this blog and that one separate is unnecessary and just more work.  Some say having a successful blog means having focus.  I think that is not true.  It can work for some, it probably works for a lot of people actually.  But for me, to really make things work?  I just want to be me.  And so merging it all, because it is all connected anyway, and being personal and real….that’s the point.  I have imported my blog posts from here to there, and I invite you to follow me there as well.

Thank you for your support, for reading my words, and being a part of my journey.  My journey that is never-ending, and just getting much more real and complicated and totally amazing.


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Detoxing from my favorite drug, SUGAR.

Today I woke up ready. Last night, I was a little freaked because I ate sooo much sugar yesterday and topped it all off with a fantastic birthday meal (for JD) and pineapple pina colada at Joe’s Crab Shack and a cupcake from Le Cupcake. I’m not going to even divulge what I ate earlier in the day. I shouldn’t be allowed to even say the phrase, “last hurrah”….

In my last post I talked about some of the reasons why we are doing this sugar detox. The biggest reason is to reset our bodies, allow them to heal themselves, and to feed our bodies the food it needs to live a full, energetic, and good life. For us, this is just step one on a long journey. There will be no going back to normal after we are done. 21 DSD is our stepping stone.

This morning my wonderful husband chopped three onions before he went to work. He is amazing. Just so I wouldn’t tear up….for some reason chopping onions makes me have a really bad reaction. I read that the enzymes in the onions release a gas that, when it hits the water in our eyeballs, creates sulfuric acid. I don’t know if that is true, but next time I have to do it, I’m going to try not opening my mouth at all. Many pinterest pins tell me this works. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about the shallot I needed for my asian food, and it affected me so bad I had to go outside, in the snow, to get relief.

Last October we did the Whole30 thing for almost three weeks. But you are supposed to go thirty days. It was really good, but hard. I felt so amazing, and I didn’t feel sick once while doing it. But it was exhausting, and I had a really hard time coming up with meals. I didn’t plan ahead, and that was why we failed. Then we fell into a really large rut that contained very poor food choices. And the holidays. So last night we went to the store and got what we needed for the next two weeks, and today I made it almost all of those meals. I’ll post the how later, but this is what I accomplished today:

Cooked and froze the meat for two lasagnas, 1 pot of chili, beef and broccoli, two taco meals, chicken fajitas, and chicken for snacks/salads. I made 8oz of coconut butter and my own coconut milk for a couple smoothie recipes I can’t wait to try. This, along with the work we did last week of cooking four pork roasts and dividing into four freezer bags, will give us over ten meals, with a lot of extra meat for snacks, salads, and for adding to breakfasts. I did this with a little preparation, but honestly I didn’t do that much. I could have been much more organized and prepared even more. All of the cooking took me 2 hours today, and all day for the pork roasts, which is totally do-able in the same day. I love that we don’t have to buy any meat for at least two weeks. I do need to hit the store again, however, for some fresh produce. I’m going to make a bunch of cauliflower rice and freeze it too, and I forgot to get coconut aminos, which is a crucial ingredient for a lot of our meals.

I weighed myself this morning, and while I am still less than I was one year ago, I put on almost 10 lbs in about 2 1/2 months. Whoops. I’m hoping that this sugar detox helps with weight loss and especially bloating! Hate that puffy feeling! Unfortunately, it is bitter cold outside, and I don’t have warm running gear. I’m not sure if I’ll run in the cold or just find ways to take advantage of warmer days. JD usually works most of the daylight hours, so I have to get up with the sun if I want to get a run in. My attainable goal is to run a 10k this year, and my secret hope is to do a half-marathon, all running. EEK! I did a 3k and a 5k mud run last year, but I also sprained my ankle twice and fell flat on my face at least three times… that I have new shoes, maybe that will help…ha.

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Two Months.

I have had a lot happen in a short amount of time.  A lot of my entries on this blog have been about eating healthy.  Being healthy.  My journey, and that of my family.  About three months ago…actually over six months ago, JD and I started noticing something was wrong with him.  Fast forward a few months of every test known to man, and we still don’t know what it is.  Eating well, whole, and often seems to help.  Sleeping a full 8 hours a night helps.  Heat makes it a lot worse.  But for the most part, it is unpredictable.  He was really starting to get into running and being more active, and this has been a big setback.  

Because of medical bills, we moved to a new city, in with his parents.  This has been a huge struggle.  I mean, who wants to do that?  At almost 30, with two kids….it’s just not where you think you will be when you are 17 and looking ahead at all the possibilities before you.  I still see possibilities.  I see myself doing a lot of things.  But JD is working an hour away, so that’s an extra 10 hours a week driving, and working extra some times.  We have no time.  And all the time in the world.

Through this, we have gotten off track with eating well.  We are starting to figure it out again, but it is hard.  How is it that everything i was learning and thought I knew has left my mind?  I feel like I have to re-learn.  I go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and I just stare at all of the awesome healthy choices before me, then leave empty handed.  So that is where I am, and why I have not been posting.  A little bit ashamed, a little bit annoyed at myself, but mostly kind of broken.

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A Well-Rounded…but Different Diet

You might be wondering why none of our recipes or grocery lists contain nuts. Basically, we have dedicated ourselves to making our home an allergen-free environment. One of my closest and dearest friends, Shannon, has a little boy with SEVERE food allergies. His name is Asher. He is allergic to dairy, soy, wheat, legumes, tree nuts, eggs, dogs, cats, and who knows what else! He is anaphylactic to peanuts, most tree nuts, and eggs. We started off making our home nut-free because that was pretty easy. We wanted a place where he could come and play; he is C’s best friend and they are about the same age. But we had a difficult time changing, especially with informing our friends and family of the hows and whys, and we still had eggs around. It really wasn’t that safe.

As our journey began to include eating differently, and as we came across food problems with E, we decided to go all out. Going on the whole food eating plan has eliminated eggs from our diet. By not eating the foods we usually put eggs in, we don’t have to worry about having them. We didn’t eat eggs by themselves much, but we baked and made soups with eggs a lot. We moved into a new house and decided before we moved that there would be no nuts and no eggs in that house. And now that we barely eat meat, eggs are a non-issue.

Beans are a legume, and so are peas and green beans, which we do eat in our house. They are actually very common in many things we make. Asher isn’t too allergic to black beans, which is mostly what we eat. The lighter the bean, the higher his allergic response, so we try to keep great northern beans to a minimum. We use them sometimes in soups, but that is it. So our house isn’t completely allergen-free, but Shannon and Asher do not have to worry about him going into anaphylactic shock from anything in our home. We are especially careful about what is brought in. We have told our close friends and family to keep outside food away, which wasn’t a big issue anyway. Because E has his issues with dairy and soy, we understand even more (though I’m sure not completely) what they go through. It is important to have people in your life that understand and are supportive. Plus, C love Asher and being able to have him in our home while eating more healthy is only a positive.

Even when we had decided to make our new home safe for Asher, we still were eating lots of boxed things. Most of which were contaminated with nuts. We are so glad that we aren’t eating that stuff anymore anyway for our own health, but it is a great by-product of our choice that our place is totally nut-free. It’s important to know that most things, even if they don’t contain nuts, are contaminated by the facility they are packaged or manufactured in.

So now you know why we don’t eat nuts. We don’t think nuts are bad for most people, but we do think people should be more aware of where they eat nuts, and the consequences of careless eating in public places. Nuts can be very nutritious and a good source of protein and good fats, but for us, it is not worth the risk.

To read more about Shannon and Asher’s story, find great vegan and nut-free recipes, and connect with other food-allergy families, go to And visit the FAAN website for more info on food allergies and their prevalence in our nation.