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Leaving it all behind and taking strides toward a healthy life.

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I’ve joined forces with my mother, a wellness director, and moved this blog over to  Come join us there!  Follow the blog, leave a comment, and be well!  Thanks for following this blog and I hope you will continue to do so there!



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DIY >> Make Your Own Workout Shirt

I found this on Pinterest recently:

It’s from Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth (which is a pretty cool website) and I just had to try it.  I’ve been trying to figure out what on EARTH to wear while running.  I can’t wear those cool running tanks or shirts that are all “dry-fit-wick-away-your-sweat-and-such-pretty-colors” because they very much accentuate the flab.  It’s just not comfortable.  Not there yet.  But big old baggy t-shirts are annoying.  As are the farmer’s tan I’m getting on my arms.  So I was super stoked to come across this!  Since Jon and I have both been losing weight, we have a lot of t-shirts we can destroy in attempts to make something better of them.  YAY!

The website said to use a large shirt, so I used one of Jon’s too-big t-shirts.  It’s still too big.  My first attempt at this turned out usable and ok…but I’m not gonna post pics.  Maybe next time.  You can check out the above pic and the website if you want more info on the how-to.  Let’s just say it’s a great idea, and I wouldn’t use a perfectly fitting shirt, definitely go a little bigger….but don’t go too big.  I look redonkulous in it.  And yet I still wear it.  Bahaha!  Because I don’t care that much!  Comfort is key when running for me.  So I will attempt this again if my kids ever nap at the same time again and maybe if it turns out better, I’ll take some pics too.   In the meantime, it’s a great way to use a t-shirt that you don’t use anyway!

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Some Encouraging Stuff

When I first started this journey, I think it was right around January 20…Jon’s bday.  While my whole family has definitely benefitted from it, I am the one who has really bought into it all.  The food, the exercise, the state of mind it takes.  Finally, this time, it took with me.  I’m not sure what the difference was.  Maybe it was because of my son…for that I am actually grateful for his food intolerances.  So I thought I’d document where I was and where I am at now, for posterity’s sake…HA!  How about just so I don’t forget, hmm?

When I was in high school and the first couple years after, I weighed from 167-177lbs.  It fluctuated a lot.  When I lived in Omaha for a year, the same time I met Jon, I was the lightest I had been and have been since…in my adult life.  (Hopefully that will change soon though!)

At the end of January, I weighed 203lbs.  It was almost a year after having E, and I weighed a little more than I did when I had him.  That was not ok.  Also the fact that I had gone over 200 and had been sitting there for awhile…not ok with me.
I wore a size 14 in pants, with a nice muffin top spilling out, and a seriously jiggly lardo post baby tummy that had not gotten any smaller or tighter since my two pregnancies.
I had big old jumbo boobs.  I know…nice way of putting it.  Some would say they were nice…but they actually just felt ginormous to me.  40D or 40DD, depending on the brand.  Those mixed with my flabby, wide arms and natural broad shoulders made me feel like a linebacker pretty much all the time.
I was starting to get rolls where I had never had them before.

After changing our diet, I lost 20lbs in about two months.  I was able to get a couple of size 10 jeans…totally amazing!  Then I just sat there for awhile.  I think I even gained a little back as I had a little love affair with Casey’s cheese pizza pretty much all throughout April and part of May.  I felt like it was a reward, that if I ate super healthy, I could indulge every now and then.  While I still feel that it is ok to indulge, it is NOT ok to give myself food rewards!

I started to run on May 12.  I was very motivated by one of my best friends, who was starting to ride her awesome new bike all the time.  Well I don’t have a bike, and while I would LOVE one, I’m not ready to unload a massive amount of cash for one, and I don’t want a crapper.  So what could I do?  I needed to do something.  So I downloaded the free C25K app on my iPhone and started running.  Since then, I have lost 10 more pounds.  For a total of 30lbs.  Now my size 10’s are getting big, and I had to make a new whole in my belt to hold them up.  I’m making myself wait until this fall to get new pants because it’s so freaking hot I probably won’t wear them much anyway.  (side note: I HATE Nebraska summers!)  I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve stalled out a bit.  This didn’t start out as a way to lose weight, really.  I just needed time to myself, I just wanted to eat healthy.  But now, I am finding new motivation to get smaller.  My entire life, I believed the lie that I could never be thin or fit.  Now, I am finding the reality of healthy living, and looking, to be a life changing thing.  And as you fix one area of your life, everything else starts to fall into place too.  Not that it doesn’t take work, but you want to do that work.  So that’s where I am.  And where I’ve been.  It’s pretty encouraging, to me anyway.

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Today I ate a bunch of crap.  It was so delicious!  Ok but see…there were some great small victories in there.  Because I actually ate HALF (maybe even less) of what I normally would have eaten and it made no difference to me.  I didn’t have to fight myself.  I was just done. A small portion of chicken, some cheesy potatoes (OMG I miss those!!!), and some sweet corn.  Now…the kicker?  I made yummy cake.  This is a special recipe I have been making for years…it is SOOOO high in sugar.  I mean, it’s just nonsensical how much sugar is in this thing.  I could barely eat my average sized piece of cake.  And that’s all I ate.  And we didn’t bring home any leftovers.  We left them for my dad to eat all week long…sucker!  And to top it off…we walked to my dad’s (exactly 2 miles) and walked home!  Pushing a double stroller with 50 pounds of kids in it!  THERE is where the BOOYA comes in!  Today I won’t have to run because I already worked my booty off and sweated about fifty gallons worth of nasty out of my system.  Tonight I’m going to start doing this:

Of course, I had to google half of the exercises…..I know nothing.  But hey, that’s as good a reason to start as my jiggly post baby jelly belly.  I’m totally into this exercise thing.  It’s like…I’m having a month-long “….Oh…I get it!” moment.  (And not like that, you pervert!)